Advertise on 10+1 Things

I started 10+1 Things as a passion project in 2021. The newsletter has grown over the months and has far exceeded my expectations. I ran some experiments with a few advertisers and other newsletters over the last couple of months and found it mutually beneficial to both parties. The extra income I receive from sponsorships keeps me motivated and allows me to develop this as a side hustle. You can read about some stats, sponsorship types and other information below.

Stats at a glance


Open Rate
+52 %

Click Rate
+ 37%


🌍 Geography: USA(~ 45%), India, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Reader Profiles: Productivity enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, newsletter writers, developers, freelancers, artists, students and indie creators.

💰 Previous Partnerships: Refind, Sample, Meco, Creatively, Weekly Filet, Morning Brew, PostApex, Alternative Assets, Salt Sear Savour, Time Machiner, etc.

Last updated on 10-07-2023

Sponsorship Types


  • Send me an email(use the buttons above or use the contact form) with the type of sponsorship you are interested in.
  • Include any specific dates you want to target and I will send you a link to make the payment.
  • Once payment is done, a confirmation will be sent along with the date when the ad will go live.
  • Once the ad is live, I will send you the web version link immediately.


  • Same sponsorship or shoutouts won’t be published in consecutive editions of the newsletter.
  • Open rates, click rates and number of opens are the averages of the last 3 issues. Read here to know more about these metrics and how they are calculated on Substack.
  • Reader profile was deduced from data collected from readers who responded to surveys and welcome emails.
  • Geography data was collected from Substack dashboard.
  • I reserve the right to reject any ads that don’t feel like a good fit for my audience or my personal views.
  • Post payment and confirmation, ads will be run on the next edition as per the availability. If you prefer any particular date for your promotion, please mention it in the email.
  • If for any reason say in case of an emergency, a particular issue of the newsletter is delayed or not published, I will notify you on the same and your ad will be allotted in the next edition.


  • Book 4 shoutouts and get 5th one free!
  • 5% discount on booking 3 slots for title sponsor
  • 15% discount on booking 4 slots for title sponsor
  • 25% discount on booking 5 slots for tile sponsor