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Past Issues

#20 Artificial Life Forms, Brilliance Bias, Mouse Museum and Tibetan Book of Proportions
#19 Bone Carvers, Crypto Hamster, Ovarian Lottery and The Greatest Environmental Success
#18 Creativity Faucet, Hungry Island, Iron Lungs, and Xerox Landscapes
#17 Artist in the Cloud, Buffet Blunders, Hanging Rhinos, and Self Reproducing Machines
#16 Cereal Entrepreneur, Decentralized Country, Earth’s Perfume and The Pale Blue Dot
#15 100 Truths, How to Be Successful, The Most Sustainable City and Visualizing Solar System
#14 Aristotle’s Recipe, Galactic Greeting Card, Photographing Tear and Zero Power Cooler
#13 Accidental Renaissance, Future Food, How to Adopt a Pet and Solar-Powered Website.
#12 Digital Einstein, Fermi’s Paradox, Greatest Investor and How to Start a New Country?
#11 Cosmic Address, Exploding Cars, How to Waste your Career & Resonance Journal
#10 Eater’s Manual, Intellectual Orgasm, Melting Glaciers and Stress Journal.

#9 African Apocalypse, Build a Great Life, Internet in a Box and Plant Consciousness.
#8 Build a City, Curator Economy, Hacking Tractors and Microneedles.
#7 Digital Gardens, Richest Man in Babylon, Space Billboards and Warming Stripes
#6 The Deadliest Predator, Tiny Forests, Oldest Living Things and Cyclists of Burundi
#5 How to get Rich, Marine Footballs, Seeing Sound and Building in Public.
#4 Second Brain, Plastic Landscapes, Become a Theoretical Physicist and the Man with Camera
#3 Beatle’s NFT, Wandering Elephants, Music for Living Spaces and more…
#2 Evaluate your Idea, Clear Thinking, Life in Japan, and StopElon
#1 Crypto, Pinhole Camera, Sound of Metal and more..