Idea Journal

I have had many ideas for business, products, or projects throughout my life. I regret not documenting it so far, but good that I have decided to jot down those below. I have tried to add some key points relating to every idea to get a picture.

If you find any ideas below which are already being implemented, please feel free to contact me so that I can cross them out from the page and have a look. If you’re interested in the idea and are looking for collaboration feel free to ping me and we can work things out.

Once the list reaches 100, I plan to create an ebook out of it. I have enabled comments on this page, so feel free to write down your thoughts below.
  • Climate Sapiens: An attempt to pin down actionable insights for humans to tackle climate change.
  • DIY Kindle Page Turner: A page turner powered by a servo motor and gyro sensor for hands free page turning.
  • Naked Branding: An instagram page showcasing products by brands in real scenarios rather than well lit studio setups.
  • Redesigned for Sustainability: Redesigning everyday items for sustainability. For example removing plastic film from vegetable packaging, toothpastes with no cover, etc.
  • Sustainability Receipt: Just like an energy star rating, a sustainability receipt for items to show how much CO2 was produced in the lifecycle.
  • Success Book Store: A bookstore with recommendations from successful people.
  • History of Food: A food blog looking into food, culture and anthropology.
  • Garden Species: A project to document every living species in a garden or backyard.

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